Come see the unique features of Chabitat constructions, and the many advantages of condo life.

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Semi-detached Homes

Come visit Chabitat's three-bedroom semi-detached homes, a perfect middle-ground between co-ownership and ownership of a single-family dwelling.

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Visit our various energy-efficient single-family dwelling models in two different housing projects in Aylmer, Gatineau.

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The Chabitat Construction Advantage

For more than 25 years, Chabitat has been delivering superior-quality constructions to its clients that are benchmarks in safe investment, durability and energy efficiency.

Novoclimat Certified Homes

At Chabitat, Novoclimat is not an option, it is a standard for all our constructions. Enjoy a clean living environment and save at least 25 % more in energy costs.

Caracteristics of exceptional constructions

Insulation, doors and windows, structure, air quality, water and space heating, leak tightness, exterior finish, plumbing, landscaping… Chabitat constructions satisfy all superior requirements.

Energy Star-Approved Homes

An Energy Star certified builder, Chabitat guarantees superior insulation of ceilings and walls, better sealed windows and heating and air conditioning systems that are energy efficient.

APCHQ Palme Diamant

The award of "Master Builder" is a testament to the recipient's seriousness and professionalism. To get this award, Chabitat Construction has maintained a customer satisfaction rate of more than 97% for 25 consecutive years.

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